Nadine Akkerman: Invisible Agents – Women and Espionage in 17th Century Britain

Wed 10 Oct
14:00 - 15.00
The Guildhall
£8, £7.20 concessions


Photograph © Rob Blackham

Invisible Agents is a triumph of scholarly rigour, original thinking and crisp prose. It is, in every sense, a cracking book.
— The Daily Telegraph

The role of women spies in 17th century Britain has largely been relegated to the footnotes of history, their gender rendering them above suspicion, enabling them to become all but invisible.

Focussing on the key period covering the Civil War and the Restoration historian Akkerman reveals women not only played a key role in espionage, gathering intelligence crucial to domestic and national security, they proved extremely successful at it.


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Invisible Agents is a work of deep scholarship that suggests Akkerman would have made an excellent spy catcher. Novelists and film-makers will be plundering the extraordinary stories with forensic skill for years to come.
— The Times