Susanna Forrest: The Age of the Horse – A History of Humans and Horses

Fri 14 Oct
17:00 - 18:00
Merrist Wood College Arena
£8, £7.20 concessions

From Xenophon to Hitler via Chinese Polo and the battle of Waterloo, this extraordinary work demonstrates how much better world history looks with a horse in the foreground.
— Meg Rosoff

Social anthropologist and writer Susanna Forrest explores the crucial role played by the horse in human history, through war, revolution, social change and peace, revealing how our culture and economy have been generated, nourished and shaped by horse power.

No animal more deserves a rigorous and deep investigation of its place in human life, and no one is better positioned to provide it than Susanna Forrest. She approaches her subject with both love and lucidity, with a sharp awareness of the limits of what we can know about horses.
— Justin E. H. Smith, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Paris