Kate Summerscale: The Wicked Boy – The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer

Sun 16 Oct
17:00 - 18:00
The Electric Theatre
£8, £7.20 concessions

Gripping... Summerscale is an exquisite storyteller. She is judicious in her use of detail, subtle in her unspoken connections between the past and the present.... This is the story of one wicked boy, but it is also a plea for compassion and empathy
— Daisy Goodwin, The Times

In July 1895, two children were implicated in a terrible crime which challenged the Victorians’ very sense of morality. Award-winning author Kate Summerscale gives a compelling account of the sensational true events surrounding the story, and meticulously recreated in her latest book, The Wicked Boy.



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Unexpectedly touching... a fascinating account of a murder and its endless reverberations
— Craig Brown Mail on Sunday